Friday, 15 October 2010

Meet Sandy .....

Here is my portrait of Sandy from Stempelchaotin ~ she requested a portrait of herself and now she has received it I can show it!

Here is a digital stamp of Sandy!
If you'd like to commission a portrait please contact me!

Lily x


  1. This is SO COOL!! I just love the image, and it looks like Sandy! Sandy is an amazing creative soul, and I love her work! And, I really look forward to see what she does with the image :-)

    Really amazing drawing, Lily :-)

  2. Oh yes this is cool.
    I love the portrait from me.
    Thanks thanks thanks.

  3. Oh yes, this is my original Sandy! What a great individual and drawing, dear Lily!

  4. SO COOL, I've a smile in my face:-)
    Hugs Anja