Saturday, 23 January 2010

Song of the moment:

Save some face, you know you've only got one Change your ways while you're young Boy, one day you'll be a man Oh girl, he'll help you understand Smile like you mean it Smile like you mean it Looking back at sunsets on the Eastside We lost track of the time Dreams aren't what they used to be Some things slide by so carelessly Smile like you mean it Smile like you mean it And someone is calling my name From the back of the restaurant And someone is playing a game In the house that I grew up in And someone will drive her around Down the same streets that I did On the same streets that I did Smile like you mean it

~My life: smile and don't let them win

Saturday, 9 January 2010


Photographs are important in the world of music; they capture the soul of the band. All it is is a recorded second of freedom representing what music really is; a reality. They illustrate who the band is and what they want to become. They go down in history and like lyrics to a song they mean something different to everyone; they become personal and symbolic of not just what music is, but what the music is to you.

More Iconic Images..

The Beatles: Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

Sid and Nancy

Bob Dylan

Jimi Hendrix

Perhaps I shouldn't call them iconic~ for what I really mean is that they mean something to the world of music. I don't know whether that means they are iconic, but that is what i am going to call them.


He's not strange..

The Smiths were and still are an inspirational band! Their lyrics and music will forever be remembered and just as they had once wished they have gone down in musical history.

People these days don't give them credit for their effect on music. They were one of the early indie bands~if thats what you want to call it~ but the only thing people want to listen to is new indie rubbish that has no rhythm or purpose. People that listen to good music~ or at least know about good music~ are people who listen to the smiths.