Saturday, 22 January 2011

Weekly Round-Up

I've decided to do a weekly review of things I have been getting up to during the week. This week has been a busy week... I got myself a badge-maker! My first big investment for The Octopode Factory. I've decided to start making little baby clothes... I got a few mini t-shirts to try out in size 12-18 months (they are super cute!) and..... wait for it! I sent images off for the first pressing of real-life rubberstamps made from Octopode Images! I've also been working on some graphics for the octopode factory website ~ can't wait for it to open! Other news is Amy received her doll in the post and is in love with her, I've been asked to sponsor a couple of challenge blogs and I'm starting work on some new dolls, first will be a commission order of a cerise doll and a purple and black doll.

My week in pictures
Amy's doll
It looks like Amy likes her!

first little t-shirt which is pale yellow in size 12-18 months
(because I draw on them all the t-shirts will be original and cute of course!)
close up of the t-shirt design
.... and last but not least an emergency stash of pens!
Thanks for looking!

Lily xoxo


  1. hoo hoo - they'd make fab t-shirts for adults too!

  2. Love the baby T.shirt. Very cute. Great news about the rubber stamps. Good luck with them.

  3. Good luck with the rubber stamps can't wait to buy some. T-shirts are so cute agree with Carol Q would be good for adults too.

  4. i have got some t-shirts in adult sizes... just have to take photo's and upload them :D

  5. This is all soooooo exciting, cant wait to use your new rubber stamps :)

  6. Such a cute dooly and congrats on the rubber! That tee is the most adorable thing I've EVER seen! OOOh, adult sizes? HHHmmm... xxD

  7. Congrats on the new rubber! Amy's doll is cute and creepy! lol I love the tshirt!! What kind of pens do you use?