Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I found the webcam thingy on my laptop! I know it's quite sad but it kept me occupied for awhile...not for long though i find Blackadder much more interesting..


  1. Never messed with my webcam. Kind of afraid to. Great pix! xxD

  2. So serious! Beautiful face though! I never turn mine on either - don't know how! x

  3. Lily, you remind me of a movie star. When you become a really huge star in the world, please don't forget to make art for those of us who adore your work.

    Now, let's talk zombies!

  4. Oh! one more thing - I like your update on who you are...go forth and conquer!

    I forgot to tell you that I took my stamps and art envelopes to club and everyone, yes everyone, loved them. 60 plus people saw them and I gave everyone your web site and etsy store address.
    Gina G from Springfield, IL