Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The 30 day song challenge: Day 4 & 5

Yes, day 4 and already i'm forgetting all about it.

A song that reminds you of someone♥

This is probably the easiest one for me.
This song reminds me of my best friend Perrie. I Giorni was a song that Perrie introduced me to, strangely this is the exact video he showed me(the reason i call it the hippo song). I think it's completely's more amazing when Perrie plays it on the piano though because, well he's amazing. I think you get the point.
I think anyone who hasn't heard it should take the time to listen to it..and anyone who has should just listen to it anyway.x

A song that makes you sad♥

All i did for this was choose the most depressing song by The Smiths i could think of(I love The Smiths!!).

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  1. Asleep is a much sadder song, i think I know it's over is actually quite amusing ... ♥