Saturday, 11 June 2011

The 30 day song challenge: Day 6,7 &8

I admit im not very good at remembering this.

A song you know all the words to♥

This could really be any song, but i chose a song that i have to sing along to when it comes on. It's a tad bit odd because its from the program Horrible Histories(a british kids sketch-show) but it is a really good song.

A song that reminds you of a certain event♥

I did a dance to this in year 7 with my school dance club, it's slightly ruined this song for me which is a shame.

A song that reminds you of somewhere♥

I couldn't think of one for this. I couldn't think of any song that when i listen to it say, 'oh that reminds me of this place' sorry..


  1. ha ha I could have picked the Horrible Histories song about Henry the 8th I have seen it so many times

  2. U really know all the words to that? lmao - jodpea