Saturday, 25 June 2011

Summer Fairs!

The Octopode Factory are doing 2 summer fairs this weekend! Today, at Chester Green and tomorrow at The Silk Mill... in DERBY and it's raining ~ dear old blighty! Still have leaflets and labels to make! (ps... I am not sitting on the bus right now... this was on Thursday when Amber, Mum and I went to see Hangover pt II)

Lily ♥


  1. Hope the fairs go well for you Lily!!

  2. Hope it goes well for you. Hangover 2 is brill!


  3. Hi ya Lily! If it helps - I'm sending you sunshine from Springfield! Did it make it there? As long as you feel it then it did! Good luck in the fairs - please post some pixys. G

  4. This is such a lovely piccie of you darling. I hope the fairs went went, cant wait to see some piccies. Was the hangover 2 good x