Saturday, 19 May 2012

Cheapskate Comics

The Cheapskate Comics are four eleven year olds, of my own creation, who live in the small village of Skintzbox Port on the sad coast of England. The village is made from the labour of fisherman and sailors, it is a dull place of little warmth and colour; an ill place to live.

The comics are primarily based in the playground of their school, Skintzbox Port College.  

From left-right: Buster(the goth), Audy (the sailor girl), George(the dunce), Brom (the ant girl)

and here's some fab DT samples to inspire you all!

They are available separately and as a set from my etsy shop!
Lily ♥

Friday, 18 May 2012


for some of my recent digital stamps by some of my fabulous DT

 Lily ♥

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Octopode Factory: Makeup

Today i tried out some Octopode Factory inspired makeup. As it turned out quite good, although really creepy i might do some based on actual drawings, like my Alice in wonderland or steampunk..


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A question of age

    Age, for some reason, has always been a problem for me regarding my business. While most people see it as an amazingly positive thing that i am so young, there have obviously been people who either see it as a negative or as a reason to take advantage of me.
Like i said, this has always been a problem since i started my business but up until now i haven't mentioned it, mainly because i find people's ignorance quite amusing. Personally i do not see my age as a weakness, yes it is an obstacle(especially when i started) but the great thing about obstacles is you can walk around them or simply  put them away in a cupboard or the attic and not think about them again. I have never intended for my age to stand in my way or burden me, in fact i do not even think to myself  'oh no i'm only 18 maybe i should go to university and wait until i'm practically a pensioner to start my life'  i find people who do that crazy; my age or qualifications do not define who i am or what i am capable of.
People think they can talk down to me or treat me like a child just because i'm young. Being 18 doesn't make me an idiot or naive, if i were i definitely would not have my business right now i would be in school or at least working for another company. The fact that i was able to make the decision to leave my office because it was wasting valuable money, even though i knew on the surface it would look like i was taking a giant step backwards to everyone who knew, should be able to show my level of maturity. If not that, my ability to not scream at/kill someone who is talking to me like i am a bad student in the headteachers office and not the adult business women being highly cooperative to her landlady. The only reason i don't argue with people like this is because arguing makes me look immature and petty, so when i leave i just feel like i've been told off and want to kill something/ hibernate for 10 years.
Just because i'm 18 doesn't mean i'm going to accept everything people tell me about my business. Even when people talk to me like i'm beneath them it doesn't mean i'm going to accept what they're saying, especially when i know they're wrong. And even when i'm not certain they're wrong there's google to confirm that they are indeed wrong. i don't need to be 50 to know when someone's using me.

Just thought i'd have a little rant about some disgustingly rude, ignorant vultures. One in particular.

Have a nice day,