Thursday, 7 February 2013

My youngest fan?

Watch this youtube clip... it is soooo cute.... This little girl is making her own tutorial using Octopode images.

cutest ever!

Lily ♥


  1. The markers are *special* markers.

    And this young artist is a very special girl!

    You know you've made it, Lily, when every generation loves your creations!

  2. Brings back childhood memories for me:) She is adorable!!!!

  3. Omg, you're right, that's adorable. It must kind of make you feel good that you have fans of all ages out there. You're just so popular. What I'm wondering the background is that a sun or lion's head that you've drawn? And is it available only digitially? I love it, I wish everything was in stamp form, but I know that's really expensive to do. Do you still have your office? Hello & Hugs to all you talented girls over there in your household.

  4. I think she has watched a lot of tutorials with mama, how cute!