Monday 18 July 2011

HP week

For the past week, Amber and I have been to the cinema every day to watch a HP film. Today, it ends! Yes we went to see The Deathly Hallows prt 2! A word to the wise ~ take tissues AND turn your phone off so your alarm doesn't go off at a crucial moment! lol (guess what happened to me)

Have finally managed to get a couple of digi's finished....

My last DADA for the DADA-esque set, her name is Alliona and she is an original bearded lady
and next a LadyBird/LadyBug Lady
Lily ♥


  1. When I saw HP week I was hoping you would be releasing HP digi's! Would it help if I begged! LOL!
    Love the new ones!
    Anne Marie

  2. love this images hun, I LOVE HP cant wait to see the new one, cant believe its going to be the last :( ive watched all the films over the last week and im now ready for the cinema hahaha