Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New Steampunk RubberStamps

Some of my Steampunk Characters have been made into RubberStamps.

they are 8.5cm in height, unmounted grey rubber. The price is the same as the Alice stamps. £5.00 each or 6 for £25 . Word stamps are £1.00 each or all 10 for £5.00

Email me for more details or to order.


  1. I love your new stamps ! But I have no money this month !

  2. you are really busy. well done

  3. So coooool, Lily! These I have to write on my wishlist :-)

  4. Hi Lily...someone shared these on FB and I had to come look at all your stamps. I adore them. They are absolutely fabulous and will definitely be on my wishlist.