Thursday, 18 August 2011

I have sweeties.....

I don't really but wanted to grab your attention! lol Here are some of the photo's from the Doncaster craft fair.

The *junk* jewellery was made by Amber, along with the carebear and hello kitty jewellery.
My new range of Notepaper... featuring a mime, a clown, a jester and a pierrot.
Available on Etsy very soon!
Thanks to everyone who bought something and for everyone's continued support!
Lily ♥


  1. everything looks so gorgeous i hope you did well darling, LOVE Ambers jewellery !!!!! xxxx

  2. how strange? still it takes allsorts i suppose

  3. What a lovely set up! Wish you weren't so far away. Hope you did well. xxD