Saturday, 13 August 2011

Tea time:

**NEW**Mad Hatter
The Dormouse
The March Hare.

As The Octopode Factory is quite proud to be English we felt it only necessary that we try to do our bit to help out in the riot clean-up.
The damage caused by the riots is said to be £200million... a lot coming from small businesses and leaving people homeless, out of work or just generally with their livelihoods burned down, smashed or stolen.

The Octopode factory has decided to help, so if you buy The **NEW**Mad Hatter, the March Hare or The Dormouse, 100% of the money with go to OPERATION CUP OF TEA. Which is involved in the riot clean-up.

So join the tea party and have a cup of tea!!


  1. Your NEW Mad Hatter looks AWESOME! And what a good cause the money is going to!

  2. I love him! I am happy to help, thanks for givng us the opportunity to help out in some small way.

  3. What a wonderful gesture on your part to help repair the damages of the riots there, Lily. I'd love to purchase them, but they are not in your shop.

  4. Oopsie, never mind I found them. Thanks Lily!

  5. Great art to support a great cause ... have a wonderful weekend Lily!

  6. What a wonderful way to help out. Awesome images Lily.

  7. Great cause, Lily! I've purchased the new Hatter (already had the others) and am mentioning it on my blog. xxD

  8. Are these actual stamps or digital stamps??