Friday, 19 September 2014

Discontinuation of Rubber Stamps

I am discontinuing my rubber stamps and have a special offer on.

*Mixed bag of 8.5cm-12.5cm Stamps(Quantity 10): £12*
*Mixed bag of small ‘element’ Stamps(Quantity 15): £12*

This is a lucky dip so you cannot choose which individual stamps you receive. They are pre-packaged and I will not know which stamps you receive either. Each Lucky Dip will contain a selection of stamps from my Rubber Stamp sets (depending on which stamps are left in-stock).

The postage is not included in the offer price-I am happy to send anywhere in the world.

For more details or to place an order please email me at

Lily x


  1. Hi there - I've sent you and email about these :-D xx

  2. I just sent you an E-mail also! :D

  3. Hi Do you have any of your stamps left please? :-) xxx