Saturday, 7 February 2015

♥ 2015 ♥

Due to many computer troubles i've had this past month or so, i've not been able to update you about what's new this year for The Octopode Factory. Not only have we got a new logo but also a whole new system:

This year, The Octopode Factory will be releasing images every few months. 

My new images are available on my Etsy store now:

♥ The next release date will be in April ♥

Lily x


  1. love them!! never stop creating these amazing characters!! if you ever need a guest designer again I'm all for it :D lol

  2. Oh these are gorgeous! I love them! Cant find the middle one on the etsy shop though?! xxx

  3. The computer shouldn't be too much of a worry. Having said that, I'm glad you've overcome that issue and have amply updated your site. That is a really nice glimpse of your products, or at least the snappy design they reflect and promise. Thanks for sharing that, Lily! Kudos and more power to you!

    Forrest Bates @ Brand Marketing Zone